Flooring Solutions


R. Brothers, Inc. has expanded our services to include a wide range of flooring options. We offer expertise in highly advanced flooring applications and treatments.

Special Flooring and Resins
Specialized flooring solutions such as epoxy and urethane systems provide surfaces that are resistant to chemical and mechanical abrasion. Such solutions are mold- and bacteria-resistant, and can even expand and contract when used to coat concrete and stucco. Anti-microbial additives can increase the flooring’s resistance to mold and bacteria. Such flooring systems are especially indicated in environments subject to heavy use such as manufacturing or warehouse facilities, or where exceptional sanitary standards are required, as in medical and food service establishments. Conductive resins may be applied as in electronics shipping areas. Highly durable, resinous floors can also be finished with a range of surface choices, from smooth to skid-resistant.

Polished Concrete
Another popular flooring solution is to leave the poured concrete bare and polish it to a desired shine. This is done by grinding and polishing the surface. The result is a surface that is exceptionally durable, and easy to clean and maintain. This option has a much smaller carbon footprint than most other flooring options.


Micro-Mechanics New Machine Area
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