R. Brothers, Inc.’s roots are in the painting business. Our customers include general contractors, developers, property managers and homeowners all over Northern California. Our painting projects typically last longer than average because we take care to prep the surfaces thoroughly, we use the right products and the right techniques, and we provide optimal staffing for every job site.
Until the mid-1990s, R. Brothers was a dedicated painting company. When environmental standards for sealants changed, we found that the newly formulated, environmentally safer products were not adhering to many paint coatings. We had to pay more attention to prep work and start doing waterproofing and caulking to protect the quality of our paint job.
R. Brothers, Inc. has expanded our services to include a wide range of flooring options. We offer expertise in highly advanced new flooring application and treatments. We offer flooring solutions such as: Special Flooring and Resins and Polished Concrete.